(Duluth, Ga., June 11, 2019) – Firefighters responded at 11:38 AM to a report of a business fire at the 2100 block of Pleasant Hill Road NW in unincorporated Duluth.  The caller to 9-1-1 reported that there were flames in the kitchen.

The first arriving units reported seeing heavy brown smoke coming from the roof and large flames inside of the single-story commercial structure. Fire crews quickly deployed hand lines and began attacking the kitchen fire. Despite a successful knockdown in the kitchen, the fire had already extended up into the attic and onto the roof.  Two aerial ladders were put into operation to provide fire personnel safe roof access but neither flowed water from their turrets. In order to assist with suppression activity, K-12 saws were used to cut open portions of the roof and provide ventilation.  Searches conducted confirmed that everyone had safely evacuated the building.  The blaze was extinguished within 20 minutes.

Per the District Commander, maintenance was being performed on one of the two fryers inside the kitchen.  A part of this process included heating the grease inside of the fryer.  The temperature of the grease reached unexpected levels and ignited.  Employees used a Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher to put the initial fire out.  Unfortunately the temperature of the grease was too hot and the flames reignited.  Employees of the business immediately evacuated the building.

The tactical decisions made allowed firefighters to contain the fire to the kitchen, duct system, attic, and roof.  While the fire damage is extensive to these areas, only heavy smoke damage exists inside the rest of the structure.  Positive pressure fans were used to push residual smoke out of the building.  Crews remained on scene until the utilities were secured and then turned the business back over to management. There were no reported injuries.

EQUIPMENT AT THE SCENE INCLUDED: 7-Engines, 2-Trucks, 1-Squad, 1-Medic Unit, 1-Air and Light Unit, 1-Special Response Unit, 2-Battalion Chiefs, 1-District Commander, 1-Medical Supervisor, and 1-PIO.

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