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(Loganville, Ga., July 22, 2022) – Gwinnett Police SWAT respond to a domestic call, ending in an officer involved shooting. Around 1:20 AM officers from Bay Creek Precinct responded to a domestic call between roommates on Templeton Ln.  The male victim relayed to police that the suspect had discharged a firearm and was preventing him from leaving.  When officers arrived, they located the victim in the driveway being prevented from leaving by the suspect.  The suspect had a firearm in his hands when officers arrived.  Upon the arrival of officers, the victim was able to leave, and the suspect retreated into the residence with the firearm. 

Officers on scene obtained warrants for aggravated assault and criminal damage and determined an elderly female was still inside the residence.  Supervisors on scene determined SWAT was needed around 2:00 AM. 

Attempts were made to negotiate with the suspect for over 5 hours.  During that time the suspect pointed firearms at the SWAT Bearcat several times and made numerous statements he was going to shoot officers.

Just before 7:15 AM the suspect came to the back door and pointed a firearm at SWAT officers in the backyard.  Two SWAT officers fired at the suspect at that time.  The suspect was deceased at the scene.  The GBI has been called out to handle the officer involved shooting investigation. 


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