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Plans to market biosolids as fertilizer, road improvements on the way

(Lawrenceville, Ga., Dec 19, 2022) – The Board of Commissioners approved several County initiatives during their latest meetings. Here is a quick glance at some of the actions taken.

Grant funds help turn biosolids into fertilizer

Gwinnett County’s efforts to maintain a sustainable environment will grow. The Department of Water Resources will apply for a grant through the USDA’s Fertilizer Production Expansion Program.

The grant application of $21,250,000 will be used toward the design and construction of a biosolids dryer at the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center, which will significantly reduce the volume of biosolids generated at the facility. The biosolids will be turned into fertilizer rather than going to the landfill. The grant funds will also be used to develop a plan to market the resulting fertilizer.

GDOT grants support roadway maintenance in Gwinnett

Smooth roads ahead for Gwinnett County travelers. The Board of Commissioners voted to apply for a Georgia Department of Transportation grant worth more than $7 million. This local maintenance and improvement grant will extend the life of approximately 55 miles of roadway throughout the County through resurfacing. The County will provide a match of $2.1 million from the 2017 SPLOST Program.

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