(Lawrenceville, Ga., April 21, 2021) – The Atlanta Regional Commission announced a $220,000 grant to support the Gwinnett Place Mall master plan, a collaborative effort that brings together Gwinnett County Government, Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District and many other local stakeholders in the Gwinnett Place area in support of revitalizing the Gwinnett Place Mall area. This news comes after Gwinnett County Government completed the purchase of a vast majority of the mall area earlier this month.

Upon hearing the announcement, District 1 Commissioner Kirkland Carden, who represents the Gwinnett Place Mall area, released the following statement:

"This sizeable grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission further demonstrates that many of the leaders in metro Atlanta and Gwinnett's economic progress are committed to revitalizing the former Gwinnett Place Mall and surrounding area for the better, strengthening the businesses already operating in the area, improving public safety, and bringing economic development that will create good paying jobs and bring higher living standards to the area. I am grateful to the Atlanta Regional Commission for being a partner with Gwinnett County on this project and look forward to more positive announcements regarding the future of Gwinnett Place. I am confident this grant brings us closer to our goal of a Gwinnett Place that everyone can be proud of.”

More information about this grant and two other LCI awards in Gwinnett County – one to the Sugarloaf CID and another to the Lilburn CID – can be found on the ARC’s website.


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