(Lawrenceville, Ga. June 4, 2021) – Please see the below briefs from this week’s Gwinnett County Board of Commissioner’s business session. Gwinnett County Police are one step closer to reducing speeding in school zones, increasing safety for pedestrians and drivers. The Board of Commissioners approved an annual contract with RedSpeed Georgia, LLC to install cameras in school zones across the county.

“By using automated speed enforcement, we hope to leverage technology in a manner that will make school zones safer for both students and motorists.” said Gwinnett Deputy Police Chief J.D. McClure. “This will also allow us to dedicate more time to priority calls and other patrol functions.”

The installation, equipment, and monitoring will be provided at no cost to the county. The contract calls for revenue sharing – with the county slated to receive 71.6% of all generated funds.

If ticketed, points will not go on a driver’s license. However, if a citation goes unpaid, the driver will not be able to register their vehicle. Police will work with the Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and schools to determine the best locations for cameras, which will be installed during the 2021-2022 school year.

Commissioners also accepted 300 Kidde smoke alarms donated by the Kidde Company and 384 bags of Peet’s coffee from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation.

The donation will be used by Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services, which installs 3,000 smoke alarms a year at no charge to residents. Deputy Fire Chief Fred Cephas said the department focuses its efforts on areas in the county where smoke alarms may not be present. The smoke alarms last 10 years and automatically turn on when attached to the mounting bracket. The total donation is valued at $7,202.

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