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(Lawrenceville, Ga., Jan. 24, 2024) – The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved a resolution urging Gwinnett’s legislative delegation and the Georgia General Assembly to carefully consider the impact a proposed new city would have upon Gwinnett and its residents.

The resolution provides that incorporation without careful consideration of the proposed city’s structure and service delivery impacts as well as the revenue and taxation impacts could negatively impact the ability of the proposed city, Gwinnett County and the 16 existing cities to provide services to all residents and businesses of the county.

Gwinnett County and the 16 existing cities have extensively negotiated a robust strategy for the delivery of services that has resulted in an efficient and comprehensive service delivery model that is responsive to the service needs of all residents countywide.

“Through thoughtful, deliberate and fiscally responsible planning, Gwinnett County is recognized as a National Benchmark County in the delivery of superior services,” said Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson. “As Gwinnett County provides all services to the residents and businesses within the area proposed to be incorporated as the new city, the Board of Commissioners urges the members of the General Assembly to take the time to carefully study and thoughtfully deliberate on the creation of a seventeenth city in Gwinnett County.”

Additionally, earlier this week in a letter addressed to the chairpersons of Gwinnett’s delegation, Hendrickson provided Gwinnett’s delegation with a Fact Sheet setting forth impacts and concerns with the proposal, which include significant financial consequences for Gwinnett County, the current 16 cities, and the residents and businesses of the proposed city.

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