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Application Form to Serve on a Board

District 3 Application to Serve on a Board/Authority/Committee

Application to Serve on Gwinnett County Boards and Authorities

Each commissioner has dozens of appointments that they can make to a Gwinnett County board or authority.

Gwinnett boards and authorities help advise commissioners and various departments on policies and practices. Some have governing authority over the function of a specific area of government. All provide opportunities for residents to serve in Gwinnett in leadership and in service to their fellow residents.

For a list and description of each Gwinnett Board and Authority, click here.


All candidates seeking to serve as an appointee of District 3 Commissioner Jasper Watkins III are encouraged to fill out this application, including those currently serving on the board who wish to be reappointed to their position.

Those selected through this application process will be recommended to serve as an appointee on behalf of Commissioner Watkins. Most of the recommendations must still be approved by majority vote of the Board of Commissioners. Some positions do not have this requirement and serve at the discretion of the appointing district commissioner.

Please note that Commissioner Watkins reserves the right to appoint or recommend appointment of persons to a board or authority outside of this process as there are some instances where persons are uniquely qualified to serve in a role or timing issues compel such an action. Still, the board application process will be Commissioner Watkins’ primary means of making initial appointments during his term in office.

Please submit a separate application for each board or authority you are applying for.

For a description of each board or to get contact information for a board to direct questions to about board responsibilities, time commitments, etc., click here.

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