Gwinnett County Boards, Authorities, and Committees

A number of boards, authorities, and committees are in place to provide recommendations or input on specific issues in Gwinnett County. These groups vary in size and purpose and are created by state law, local legislation, or County ordinance or resolution. County residents make up the membership of boards, authorities, and committees.

The Board of Commissioners appoints one or more members to many of these groups. Membership terms vary depending on the particular board, authority, or committee. Commissioners usually make a large number of appointments during the first business meeting of the year, but also make other appointments throughout the year to fill expired terms and/or vacancies as needed. Qualifications may be required in order to hold certain positions.

If you would like to apply for a position on a board, authority, or committee, please click here.

To learn more about a particular Gwinnett County board, authority or committee, please select the appropriate link below for information such as responsibilities, members, meeting notices, agendas, and minutes.