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Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE)
Many victims of violent crimes wish to be informed of the status of the person in custody who is charged with the crime against them. Due to this need, the Gwinnett County Sherriff's Office provides a service called Victim Information and Notification Everyday or VINE.

VINE is an automated computer program offered for crime victims in Gwinnett County. The purpose of the VINE program is to provide victims of crime continuous access to vital inmate information. By calling the VINE telephone number, a crime victim can determine the current custody status of the person(s) by whom they were victimized. Victims may also register with the VINE system to be automatically notified of the release or transfer of a certain inmate. Learn more at

To register with the VINE system, call with a touch tone telephone and follow the instructions given by the system. You must provide a telephone number and a four-digit PIN number of your choice. The PIN number is used to make sure that notification has been made to the proper person if there is a change in the inmate's status.

If you move or change phone numbers after registering with the VINE system, it is important to call the Gwinnett County Jail.