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Local Incentives
Gwinnett County ranks among the top nationwide locations for innovation, education, headquarters, and international business. Gwinnett County offers easy access to major interstate highways, international airports and ports, award-winning education, and qualified workforce programs. Gwinnett County’s healthy economic environment, competitive business community, exceptional quality of life, and attractive financial incentives are perfect conditions for companies looking to expand or relocate.

A variety of business incentives are available to companies relocating to or expanding in Gwinnett County. In order to be eligible for local incentives, the project has to be competitive with another jurisdiction and a targeted industry. Incentives are typically awarded on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of company, number of jobs created, wages, physical or geographical location, and capital investment. The thresholds to qualify for local incentives are lower for companies locating or expanding within designated redevelopment area, such as a Community Improvement District or a Tax Allocation District.

Target Industries

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Professional & Corporate Services
  • Health Sciences & Services
  • Information & Technology Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management

Fee Reductions and Accelerated Approval Process

  • Reduction of fees for development permits
  • Reduction of application fees for rezoning requests, special use permits, variance requests, and requests for changes in zoning conditions
  • Reduction of business occupation taxes
  • Reduction of water/sewer charges, including reduction of system development charges for water and sewer services
  • Acceleration of all aspects of the development review process
  • Acceleration of public hearing dates for rezoning requests, special use permits, variance requests, and requests for changes in zoning conditions

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Industrial Revenue Bonds are available through Gwinnett County’s Development Authority. Revenue Bond financing includes up to $10 million in tax-free bonds for the financing of manufacturing facilities and equipment at lower-than-market costs.

To learn more about local incentives and eligibility, please view the Gwinnett County Economic Development Ordinance.

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