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Criminal Investigations Section
The Criminal Investigations Section is comprised of 11 units, each tasked with conducting investigations into a variety of crimes. The units are the Burglary Unit, Cold Case Unit, Crime Scene Investigations Unit, Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit, Gang Unit, General Investigations Unit, Homicide Unit, Metal Theft Unit, Motor Vehicle Theft Unit, Robbery Unit, and the Special Victims Unit.

The Burglary Unit is responsible for the investigation of commercial and residential burglaries, burglary attempts, and related crimes as directed by the unit supervisor. The unit is also responsible for Pawn Enforcement. Pawn Enforcement is responsible for regulating pawn shops located in Gwinnett County and is a very important part of the unit as it is used frequently to locate stolen property.

The Cold Case Unit primarily investigates homicides and missing person cases that remain unsolved for an extended period. A significant amount of time is spent on receiving and following up on tips and information received for all of the open cases in the Gwinnett County Police Department.

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is responsible for collecting and analyzing evidence from crime scenes. This evidence consists of fingerprints, photographs, and other physical/forensic evidence. While it is preferable to process all crime scenes, limited resources dictate that only certain scenes be processed for evidence. The determination to process a scene for evidence is made by supervisory personnel.

The Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating all financial crimes including forgery, identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, counterfeit currency, embezzlement, theft by deception, and computer-related crimes. Computer forensic investigators offer support to all investigative and administrative units within the department, and are an essential part of many investigations. Computer forensic investigators are responsible for securing, imaging, and analyzing all digital evidence. Computer forensics investigators also offer assistance through the recovery and enhancement of surveillance photos and video. For information on how you can protect yourself from identity theft, visit the Identity Fraud webpage.

The Gang Unit is responsible for investigating criminal gang activity in Gwinnett County. One detective is assigned to the ATF Gang Task Force and one is assigned to the FBI Gang Task Force. The Gang Unit routinely provides intelligence to other units with gang related cases such as homicides, armed robberies, and burglaries.

The General Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating crimes involving thefts of physical property, entering autos, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage to property, reckless conduct, stalking, battery, and other crimes as designated by the division commander.

The Homicide Unit works adult felony crimes against persons including murder, assaults, kidnappings, missing persons, and suspicious deaths.

The Motor Vehicle Theft Unit is responsible for conducting investigations involving the theft of motor vehicles, motorcycles, motorized construction equipment, aircraft, and farm equipment. This unit is also responsible for regulating auto salvage and towing services located within Gwinnett County. The unit maintains a close working relationship with the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The Metal Theft Unit is responsible for ensuring metal recycling businesses comply with all Georgia laws concerning the purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous metal. The unit also investigates all crimes where the item stolen is metal. This includes aluminum, steel, brass, copper, air conditioning units, batteries, iron, catalytic converters, and any other recyclable material.

The Robbery Unit works armed robberies, robberies by force, robberies by threat or intimidation, robberies by sudden snatching, and hijacking motor vehicle cases.

The Special Victims Unit investigates all crimes of a sexual nature and physical abuse of children under the age of 17 and adults over the age of 65. They also investigate and locate missing juveniles, disabled adults, and runaways. SVU also initiates and investigates Internet Crimes Against Children cases, proactively seeking out online child predators through covert means. The Special Victims Unit maintains close relationships with the Department of Family and Children Services, the Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center, and the Gwinnett County school system.