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911 Officers & Other Non-Sworn Positions

911 Communications Officers provide a vital service to the community by contributing to the safety and welfare of their fellow residents. They are the first point of contact in most emergency situations.

The Gwinnett County Police Department is currently seeking 911Communications Officers. We offer a very competitive salary, benefits, and on-the-job training.

Hiring Process
The application process can take between two to four months to complete. After an application is received in the Human Resources Department, it is screened and then sent to the Police Department. The Police Department starts to schedule applicants for the various steps in Phase I.

Phase I:

Preliminary Orientation:
This step is to provide the applicant with some basic information about the Police Department. Personal information is also gathered. Some of the information will include, but is not limited to, educational background, employment history and personal data.

Data Entry Testing and Observation:
This step, utilizing CritiCALL, evaluates the ability of an applicant to complete data entry from different sources.  Multitasking and decision making is also measured.  Applicants must score 4,000 keystrokes per hour to pass the evaluation.  Once an applicant has passed the CritiCALL evaluation, they will observe in the Communications Center for a two hour block.

Oral Interview:
Applicants who successfully complete the initial screening are scheduled for an oral interview. This interview is conducted by members of the Department who are in supervisory and management roles and are usually from the division responsible for the position being hired.

Once the applicant successfully completes Phase I, they are placed on an applicant register. If the applicant is selected, they are given a conditional job offer. The final job offer is based on the successful completion of Phase II.

Phase II:

  • Polygraph examination
  • Physical examination/drug screening
  • Psychological testing

If the applicant successfully passes all the steps in Phase II, they are given a final job offer.

During the background investigation process, any applicant can be rejected for failing to meet the hiring standards. Once an applicant is rejected, they are not eligible to reapply for a minimum of one year. Any applicant rejected will receive a letter stating the reason for the rejection and the specific time frame required before reapplication can be made.