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What is a Deputy Sheriff?

Gwinnett County Deputy Sheriff's primary duties are to oversee individuals who have been arrested and awaiting trial. Our Detention Center is a direct supervision pretrial facility. Sr. Deputy Sheriff's can be assigned to any one of the six divisions: administration, civil process, court services, detention, field operations, and support services.

Individuals can be hired at two levels:

Deputy Sheriff/Jailer - This individual is trained on the job in order to become a Georgia Certified Detention Officer/Jailer. Incumbents must obtain state certificate from jailer's school within six months and successfully complete field training through the County and enter the academy within one year.

Sr. Deputy Sheriff/Jailer - This position is for a fully certified Peace Officer responsible for performing duties in one of the assigned divisions of the office.

Listed below are the six divisions of the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office.

Jail Division - This is a direct supervision pretrial detention facility. The total capacity for the jail is 2,768 beds. This includes 174 specialty beds that are designed to hold maximum-security inmates, medical inmates and disciplinary inmates.

Court Security Division - This section is responsible for providing security for the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center and the Courthouse Annex building. The division provides security all of the courts. Deputies are stationed inside each courtroom whenever a court is in session. Prisoners appearing in court and transported to the courts by Sheriff's Office personnel and closely guarded as they appear. Additionally, deputies of the Court Security Division provide security screening of everyone who enters the judicial buildings.

Civil Division - This section is responsible for serving all civil process papers including: summonses, dispossessories, subpoenas, bad check citations, evictions, probate orders, property seizures, condemnations and civil warrants.

Field Operations Division - This division is responsible for the processing and serving of all criminal warrants as well as service requests made by other agencies or jurisdictions and updating the warrant status on GCIC/NCIC.  This division also houses the Fugitive Unit, Family Violence Unit, Sexual Violator Unit and K-9 Unit. This division's uniform section is also responsible for all out of state extraditions.

Support Services Division - The Support Services Division consists of many specialized sections and units designed to support the other divisions and provide community education and youth programs. These units and sections are: Training section; Public Safety Education unit, Property and Evidence unit, Sheriff's reserve program and the Explorer Program.

Administrative Division - Responsibilities include the management of finances, human resources, policies and procedures, public relations and other duties as required for the overall operation of the office.