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Gwinnett County extends warm thanks to volunteers

Giving of one’s time, talent, and energy in service to our fellow man and the community is a virtue recognized by all religions, creeds and cultures, and it is in that spirit that Gwinnett County extends heartfelt thanks during National Volunteer Week (April 23 - 29) to the thousands of volunteers who have labored shoulder to shoulder with those who give and those who receive the benefit of those exertions.

“Volunteering is a way to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to interact with people of common interest, and to leave a legacy of a stronger, better community,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash. “We are extremely grateful to the thousands of Gwinnett residents whose selfless contributions advanced the quality of life in this great county we call home.”

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, April 25, recognized 55 of the thousands of Gwinnett residents who worked on their own time on behalf of other people and nature countywide.

Among the volunteers is Sue Voorhees, who recently received a President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication and hard work at the County’s animal shelter. Established by President George W. Bush, the award honors volunteers who contributed more than 4,000 hours over a lifetime. Voorhees is renowned for her devotion to the kittens at the shelter.

Last year, almost 62,000 people donated nearly 922,000 hours of service through Volunteer Gwinnett, a countywide volunteer program designed to involve more residents in volunteer activities associated with County government. The value of that time and effort is estimated at $21.7 million or almost enough to cover the County’s road and street resurfacing budget.

Volunteer Gwinnett offers myriad opportunities for service, ranging from environmental initiatives through the Department of Water Resources or Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful to spring planting at the McDaniel Farm Park. You can care for abandoned strays at the animal shelter or deliver needed meals to members of the Greatest Generation. Opportunities abound to do good, to have the satisfaction of improving the lives of others, to serve a greater purpose, and to demonstrate the best of us as Gwinnettians.

For more information about volunteer opportunities in Gwinnett, visit the Volunteer Gwinnett webpage.