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Solid Waste Management oversees contracted services for residential trash collection and recycling and manages franchise agreements with Commercial and Construction or Demolition Waste Service Providers. Service requirements are specified in the Gwinnett County Solid Waste Ordinance and Residential Solid Waste Service Agreement. Solid Waste Management is a part of the Support Services Department.

Gwinnett County Solid Waste Management
446 West Crogan Street, Suite 100
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
678.518.6101 (fax)

Residential Solid Waste Service Agreements
The residential solid waste management plan was implemented on July 1, 2010. The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved an amendment to the agreement with residential solid waste haulers that provides for continuity of residential solid waste collection services for residents in unincorporated Gwinnett County. The amended agreement is effective July 1, 2018.

Your hauler will remain the same. In addition, residential trash and recycling service will continue to include weekly pickup of household trash and accepted recycling items.

Click here to view Residential Solid Waste Service Agreements.

How the new plan will affect you
Solid waste fee reduction
The monthly fee for basic solid waste collection will be reduced from $19.16 to $17.91. A credit for the lower rate for July through December 2018 will be applied to the solid waste fees on your 2018 property tax bill if you paid solid waste fees with your 2017 tax bill. 

Reduced fees for seniors
The senior discount for those 62 and over will increase from 15 percent to 25 percent, which will reduce fees for seniors to $13.75 per month. A credit for the lower rate for July through December 2018 will be applied to the solid waste fees on your 2018 property tax bill if you paid solid waste fees with your 2017 tax bill. If you are not currently receiving the senior discount on your solid waste fee, an application and affidavit form must be submitted to Solid Waste Management located at 446 West Crogan Street, Suite 100, in Lawrenceville. To access the form, click here. You may also contact the Solid Waste Management office at 770.822.7141.

Larger recycling carts
Larger, covered 65-gallon recycling carts on wheels will replace existing recycling bins upon request and at no additional cost. You can contact your hauler directly to request a cart. To identify your hauler, click here. You can also request a cart by completing the request here. Recycling carts requested in July will be delivered no later than September. Recycling carts requested after July will be delivered no later than 60 days from the date of the request.

Glass will no longer be accepted as part of recycling
Glass placed in recycling containers may break, contaminating other recyclables. Broken glass is difficult to sort and is no longer widely accepted. Glass should be disposed of with household trash or taken to a separate facility that offers glass recycling. See a list of acceptable recyclables here. Visit Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful’s recycling directory to learn where you can recycle materials not accepted at the curb.

Yard waste fee reduction
If you elect optional yard waste collection on a 12-month basis, then you will receive a 25 percent discount in the amount charged for this service. In this case, the optional service rate will be reduced from $10.00 per month to $7.50 per month. Application for the reduced yard waste rate must be submitted directly to your hauler.

Hauler     General Phone Number        Request a 65-gallon cart       Service Area

Advanced Disposal Services of Atlanta, Inc.



Northwest Gwinnett

Republic Services, Inc.



East Gwinnett

Sanitation Solutions, Inc.



North Gwinnett

Southern Sanitation, Inc.



South Gwinnett

Waste Pro of Georgia, Inc.



Southwest Gwinnett

What is backdoor service?
Backdoor service is a convenience provided to households of elderly or disabled persons who are physically unable to deliver their carts to the curb. For those that qualify, their trash and recycling will be retrieved at the door of their home. You may contact your hauler for further information if you or someone you know would benefit from backdoor service.
Recycling your old trash cart
If you are still hanging on to your 95-gallon trash cart from your previous hauler, you can put it to use!  Hopefully, you have found that you are able to recycle so many additional items that it can be hard to fit everything into the recycling bin provided by your hauler; that's no problem and no extra charge. You can use additional bins, including your old 95-gallon trash cart, for recycling. Just make sure your bins are clearly marked "recyclables." Please note that your hauler can charge you for trash that exceeds your 95-gallon trash bin, but feel free to recycle as much as possible!
Oversized recyclables
If you have recyclables that are too large to fit in your recycling bins such as collapsed boxes, etc., just make sure they are clearly marked "recycling" as well. If they are not, haulers will assume they’re trash and will not be able to take them without a bulky items pickup request.