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Winter weather update: Court trials and hearings canceled, check back for updates on other County offices

This is your source for updates about weather related Gwinnett government closings and service interruptions.
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To ensure the delivery of an integrated, cost-effective, and environmentally sound solid waste management system, and to promote sustainable community programs and policies throughout Gwinnett County.
To be a leader in the development, implementation, and maintenance of innovative and sustainable waste reduction, recycling and collection services within an engaged community.
Responsiveness: Providing solid waste and recovered materials services that are timely and serve the needs of our community.

Stewardship: Acting as wise and responsible caretakers of the financial, constructed, natural, and human resources entrusted to the division.

Innovation: Embracing new and better ways to achieve improved results through creativity, inventiveness, teamwork, and adoption of appropriate new processes and technology.

Environmental Responsibility: Ensuring the collection and management of solid waste and recovered materials in an environmentally sound manner and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Continuous Improvement: Focusing on improving the division’s efforts through coordination, participation, and education with various stakeholders and organizations.

Strategic Thinking: Committed to implementing projects, programs, and processes that promote sustainability, meeting our current needs and challenges while anticipating the needs and challenges of the future.

Integrity: Acting in an honest, ethical, professional, and respectful manner with each other and our community, taking personal responsibility, and being accountable for achieving results.

Teamwork: Promoting unity and cooperation among staff, as well as with our community, contractors, and stakeholders, to meet our purpose of achieving the mission, vision, and work of the division.

Education: Continually educating ourselves and our community regarding sustainability, environmental responsibility, recycling, and proper waste management.
Strategic Objectives
  • Build partnerships with haulers who have a history of service excellence
  • Ensure hauler compliance with established service standards and the County ordinance
  • Build community awareness of the need to minimize the production of waste, and the need to consider solid waste management from an environmental perspective
  • Deliver sound and cost-effective solutions for waste management
  • Ensure solid waste management best practices are deployed in the field
  • Effectively use our assets, tools, systems, and personnel
  • Enhance the abilities and knowledge of our Solid Waste Management’s personnel to support superior service to our customers

Solid Waste Management Organization
Solid Waste Management Organization Chart