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Gwinnett's solid waste haulers use dedicated trucks for recycling and a method called "single stream recycling." This means that recyclables are sorted at the recycling center, not curbside. Simply throw all of your recycling into one container - be sure to rinse out your cans, bottles, and containers - and your solid waste hauler will sort it all later. Check out the many items you can recycle below!

What is recyclable at the curb?
Aluminum beverage containers
Aluminum baking tins
Aluminum food containers
Cardboard boxes (broken down)
Pizza boxes (clean, no grease)
Kraft Paper 
Paper grocery bags
Paper shopping and lunch bags
Discarded mail
Greeting cards 
Mixed Paper
Miscellaneous paper
Other Paper
Computer paper 
Paperback books
Phone directories
Newspapers and inserts
#1: Soda and water bottles
#2: Milk jugs, juice bottles, butter and yogurt tubs
#3: Detergent and household cleaner containers, shampoo, and cooking oil bottles 
#5: Syrup, ketchup, and medicine bottles, straws, and some yogurt containers
#6: Disposable plates and cups, aspirin bottles, CD cases
#7: Three and five-gallon water bottles, certain food containers
Beverage cartons
Cereal or other food boxes
Paper towel and toilet paper cores 
Shoe boxes
Tissue boxes
Steel food containers
Empty aerosol cans
Clean metallic lids

If you have items that are not on this list that you want to recycle, check out the recycling directory to find out where you can take certain items to be recycled.