Gwinnett County summarizes 2040 Unified Plan in four videos on plan website

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Gwinnett County has created a series of five-minute videos that summarize the 2040 Unified Plan, also known as a comprehensive plan, which can be viewed on its website, .

The 2040 Unified Plan provides a blueprint for the County's growth and development over the next two decades. Incorporating significant public input, the 2040 Unified Plan addresses community goals, needs and opportunities, housing, transportation, economic development, open space, and land use. Gwinnett's story is still being written.

The Unified Plan addresses community goals, needs and opportunities, housing, transportation, economic development and land use and establishes a community work program.

Developed by consulting firm Pond & Co., the plan traces Gwinnett's history, covers the results from public input sessions, incorporates demographic trends, and inventories the county's infrastructure, community amenities, land use and built environment. It establishes a vision taking into account the County's needs and opportunities and incorporates five themes: Maintain Economic Development and Fiscal Health, Foster Redevelopment, Maintain Mobility and Accessibility, Provide More Housing Choices, and Keep Gwinnett a Preferred Place.

Future development possibilities are laid out, identifying higher density areas, more pastoral areas and those in between. The plan enumerates possible activity centers, employment centers, residential neighborhoods and low-intensity areas. A future land use map shows recommended development patterns in detail.

The four videos, which run about five minutes long, break down and explore key ideas of the plan into easily digestible parts.

History of Gwinnett County

Gwinnett County was established in 1818, and named for Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia's signatories of the Declaration of Independence. Early founding families established homesteads and small communities centered around nodes of small businesses, church, and schools.

Over the next century, the rural county grew slowly but towns and cities developed with the arrival of railroads. Urbanization came with the construction of Interstate 85/985 and the creation of Lake Lanier in the late 1950s. Now, Gwinnett County has a population approaching 1 million people with another 500,000 expected by 2040. Diversity of the population has also increased during this time.

Video: Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan: History of Gwinnett County

Where We Are Today

With a population projected to top one million richly diverse and resourceful residents in the coming years, plans are consistently being developed to continue nurturing a thriving job market, nationally recognized schools, and a livability factor that has become a natural way of life in Gwinnett County.

As Gwinnett's population continues to grow, its residents represent the world with their unique cultures and traditions showcasing each citizen's contribution to a variety of highly livable, interconnected communities. Award-winning schools and parks contribute to Gwinnet's popularity.

Video: Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan: Where We Are Today

Trends and Challenges

Gwinnett is an expansive, welcoming, and cosmopolitan county where people come from all over the globe to live and work. They come to take advantage of Gwinnett's robust and resilient economy known for weathering national ups and downs. They want to enroll their kids in our system of world-class schools. They love our award-winning parks. They appreciate the sense of security and protection provided by our professional public safety personnel. But these achievements didn't just happen. They came from years of long-term visioning and planning with community input. To ensure it remains at the forefront of Georgia counties, Gwinnett officials are considering several long-term trends and planning for the challenges they present.

Video: Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan: Trends and Challenges

Where We're Going

The Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan is a blueprint to the future of Gwinnett County. Adopted by the Board of Commissioners on February 5, 2019, the plan reflects the goals and aspirations of Gwinnett's residents, business owners, workers, parents, homeowners, and newcomers. The blueprint incorporates several other plans into one multifaceted and coordinated path forward. It serves as a framework to guide decisions on land use, development, redevelopment, transportation and transit, trails and recreation, economic growth, community amenities, and infrastructure.

Video: Gwinnett County 2040 Unified Plan: Where We're Going

To view the plan, visit .