Gwinnett’s bicentennial draws to a close

Gwinnett County capped its yearlong bicentennial observation on December 15 with a day of family-friendly festivities and a 200th birthday party celebration at the Infinite Energy Center.

In the preceding 12 months, Gwinnettians gathered to salute our past, embrace our present, and welcome our future. They came together in 365 separate bicentennial-themed events: some fun, some educational, and some somber.

High school distance runners carried the Bicentennial Torch on 36 legs totaling 237 miles, visiting 14 city halls, four libraries, and eight parks. An exhibit on Gwinnett’s history toured the county. The Gwinnett Historical Society held monthly lectures about the County’s history, ranging from our namesake, Button Gwinnett, to Union Civil War soldiers from Gwinnett, to the impact of railroads on the county’s development.

The Gwinnett County Communications Division produced more than 170 videos of Gwinnettians, including natives and newcomers, each telling personal stories about their lives in Gwinnett. Those fascinating remembrances and more about Gwinnett history can still be viewed on the nationally recognized website,