Commissioners approve 4 percent pay increase for County employees

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The Board of Commissioners voted to approve a 4 percent market adjustment for eligible County employees.

The move will also raise the salaries of first responders in Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Sheriff’s Office, Corrections, and E911 by an additional 4 percent, bringing the total pay increase for these frontline employees to 8 percent.

This decision supports the County’s goal to retain and recruit an effective workforce and underscores hiring challenges caused by an increasingly competitive job market, especially in public safety.

“The 2021 budget the Board of Commissioners adopted in January focused on preserving continuity in County government services,” said Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson. “At the same time, it was necessary to take a conservative fiscal approach to budgeting because of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This strategy opened the door for us to demonstrate our appreciation of County staff in a tangible way.”

The focus on increased compensation acknowledges the impact of inflation on the cost of living along with the hard work by employees to ensure the uninterrupted provision of the services and programs residents and businesses need to thrive.

“In keeping with the Gwinnett Standard, employees have consistently stayed ahead of the curve with excellent performance on the job,” said County Administrator Glenn Stephens. “This increase solidifies our commitment to showing them how much we value their contributions.”

Changes are effective retroactive October 2.