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Gwinnett unveils new name and look for transit system

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Since 2001, Gwinnett County Transit has been an essential service for residents in Gwinnett’s thriving community.

Nearly 22 years later, the County unveiled a new name and a new brand for its transit system — Ride Gwinnett.

Embodying the County’s vibrant brand, Gwinnett County Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson said Ride Gwinnett represents how the County will connect people to where they need to go.

“Ride Gwinnett was established with the goal of making our public transit system an attractive and everyday choice for residents and visitors,” said Hendrickson. “This is an exciting day and the excitement will continue in the coming months with the expansion of new routes included in the recently approved 2023 budget.”

During the unveiling, Gwinnett Department of Transportation Director Lewis Cooksey and the crowd counted down and chanted, “Move that bus!” to reveal Ride Gwinnett’s new branding.

“It has been over twenty years since Gwinnett’s transit system began, so a new brand and name that reflects how our focus on mobility has evolved is fitting,” Cooksey said. “To go along with our new look, we will also have new changes to service soon, so it is an exciting time for transit in Gwinnett.”

The rebranding includes the County’s transit website, buses, bus stop shelters, and signs.

Ride Gwinnett has seven local routes, five commuter routes, complimentary paratransit for local routes, three Park and Ride locations, and one transit center.

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