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Our online GIS data browser lets you search our data with no special software required. You can easily locate any street, address or intersection in the county, print or email your map, or create a URL so others can easily go to the same data.

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On 4/8/14, new 2014 Pictometry "oblique" images (those taken at a 45-degree angle) were added to the Data Browser.  The images are from January 2014.

On 2/18/14, updated “Basemap” layers (topography and planimetric info) were added to the Data Browser.  This basemap info is based on the 2013 flyover of Gwinnett County; the previous layers were from 2012.  The 2014 flyover of the County took place during January, but its resulting basemap info and aerial photos will not be available until late-2014.

On 11/14/13, new 2013 aerial photos were added to the Data Browser.  The photos were taken during a February 2013 flyover of the County. 

Effective 9/17/13, a new version of Gwinnett County’s (OnPoint) GIS Data Browser has been deployed.  The new version looks and operates similarly to the previous Data Browser and many of its functions are still present.  There are some changes, however, which are denoted in this PDF file.  Note - you may need to refresh your web browser and clear out its cache/history in order to use the new Browser.  If you encounter any problems using the new Data Browser, please email

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Looking for Septic Tank Records?
Looking for Septic Tank Records?  Please read the FAQ's for instructions on how to access Septic Tank information, or read the PDF guide linked below.

Viewing Septic Tank Records Quick Start Guide (PDF)

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