Annual Notice of Assessments

Most 2015 residential and commercial property Annual Notice of Assessments were mailed April 3, 2015.

Personal property (marine, aircraft, and tangible business inventory) 2015 Annual Notice of Assessments were mailed May 18, 2015.


The appeal period for residential, commercial, and personal property (aircraft, marine, and business inventory) has expired for 2015.

Your property appeal rights extend for 45 days from the date on your 2015 Annual Notice of Assessment. If you are within your 45-day appeal filing period, please call us at 770.822.7200 to assist you in filing your property appeal.

Status of Appeals

You can check the status of your 2015 property appeal as it moves through the appeal process by using the link below.

Amended Assessment Notices

Motor Vehicle Title Ad Valorem Tax

The Georgia Department of Revenue produces an estimate of value, which is required for use in determining the amount of “title tax” you owe upon the transfer of a vehicle. Effective January 1, 2015, the new title tax increased to 7 percent. If you disagree with the value used, you must appeal to the Board of Assessors within 45 days of the payment of the tax.

Please use the state’s PT311A-MV form to start the process. Submit copies of the registration documents and photos of the vehicle along with the completed appeal form. Photos need to include all four sides, inside, damage (if any), and odometer reading. If the vehicle was recently purchased, please include the purchase price on the appeal form or provide a copy of the bill of sale. The appeal package may be mailed, emailed, or delivered to the Assessors’ Office. You may also schedule a visit to our location for a physical inspection. For more information, call 770.822.7288 or email

Appraisal Staff Conducting Field Visits

Gwinnett County Assessor’s office appraisal staff will visit several thousand properties throughout the county in the coming months. Field visits are a routine process completed by either a county appraiser or a contracted appraiser from LMC or CLT. Gwinnett County vehicles will be clearly marked with emblems and personnel will have picture IDs and business cards.

The field visits consist of verifying existing or new construction data, obtaining exterior measurements, and taking photos of the property. Residential property field visits are exterior only inspections, which do not require entry into buildings or assistance by the resident. If you are not at home, the review will be conducted and an informational door hanger will be left. In some instances, inspections of commercial property may require some assistance, depending on the nature of the business. If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at 770.822.7200 or by email at

Mailing Address Changes
If you would like to update or change your property’s mailing address, please click here to transfer to the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's website to access the mailing address change form provided by the Tax Commissioner’s office.