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Since 1997, SPLOST dollars have contributed millions of dollars for parks and greenspace projects in Gwinnett, paying for the development of new parks, renovations to existing parks, and a variety of amenities including picnic areas, pavilions, multi-purpose trails, mountain biking and equestrian trails, multi-purpose courts, fishing lakes, playgrounds, sports fields, gymnasiums, tennis courts, aquatic facilities, a disc golf course, skate complexes, dog parks, plus horseshoe, shuffleboard, and bocce ball courts.

The Board of Commissioners' greenspace preservation program, made possible by SPLOST programs (1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009), gives residents a chance to enjoy Gwinnett's precious natural resources, now and in the future. With 50 award winning parks and greenspaces, our parkland totals more than 10,000 acres. Park sites range from 10 acres or less to larger community parks and open-space parks.

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2014 SPLOST Program: $26.1 million
Alexander Park
  • Expanded parking
  • Access to Scenic Highway/SR 124
  • Expanded trail system
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
Best Friend Park Gymnasium Renovation
  • Replace roof
  • Renovate interior of gym, offices, restroom and locker rooms
  • Replace floor of the gym with a maple flooring
Bethesda Park Improvements
  • Conversion of existing football field to a multi-purpose artificial turf field
Bogan Park Improvements
  • 300-foot field re-grading and irrigation replacement
Club Drive Park  (Phase II)
  • Phase II expansion to be determined
George Pierce Park Renovations and Improvements
  • Adult softball field renovation
  • New playground and restroom
  • Trail head signage
Jones Bridge Park Renovation
  • Replacement of existing small shelter/restroom into separate structures
Lucky Shoals Park Renovations
  • Conversion of baseball fields into soccer fields with associated lighting and irrigation changes
  • Parking adjustments
Mountain Park Park Renovations
  • Conversion of existing overlay football field to a stand-alone multi-purpose artificial turf field
Peachtree Ridge Park
  • Conversion of existing football field to a multi-purpose artificial turf field
Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center
  • Cooling tower replacement
  • Chesser-Williams House conservation project
  • New Educator workroom/classroom
Historic Courthouse
  • Restoration/tuck-pointing of brick and resealing
Yellow River Park Trail Renovations
  • Soft surface trail renovation
ADA Improvements (Countywide)
  • Accessibility projects
Aquatics Facilities Major Renovations
  • Diving board replacements at Mountain Park Aquatic Center and West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center
  • Resurfacing of leisure pool at Bogan Park Aquatic Center
Athletic Fields Major Renovations
  • Bethesda Park: Re-grade, irrigation replacement, and re-sod upper soccer field
  • Dacula Park: Re-grade, fence repairs, sod and irrigation West Gwinnett Park: Re-grade, irrigation replacement, and re-sod Field #2
Conservation Projects  (Water/Energy)
  • Bryson Park: Replace parking lot lights with LED lights
  • Mountain Park Aquatic Center: Replace existing sand filters with more energy- and water-efficient filtration system
  • Rhodes Jordan Park: Replace parking lot lights with LED lights
Fencing – Major Projects and Replacements
  • Best Friend Park: Replace basketball fencing
  • Bogan Park: Replace dugout fencing and gates
  • Club Drive Park: Replace basketball fencing
  • George Pierce Park: Replace fence and backstops at Pony field; replace dugout fencing and gates
  • Lenora Park: Replace baseball fencing
  • Pinckneyville Park - Replace fence and backstops at Pony field
  • Shorty Howell Park: Replace dugout fencing and gates Sweet Water Park: Replace basketball fencing
  • Various parks: Wildlife management fencing
General Park Renovations
  • Dacula Park: Plaza; Parking island renovation
  • George Pierce Park: Plaza renovation and entry trail connection
  • Pinckneyville Park: Hockey tile replacement and board renovation; Parking island renovation
  • Rabbit Hill Park: Drainage repair (soccer)
  • Rhodes Jordan Park: Drainage repair
Major Lake Renovations (Countywide)
  • Upper lake dredging at Little Mulberry Park
Park Furnishing and Equipment (Countywide)
  • Various parks
Park Security Projects
  • Security cameras at Dacula Park Activity Building, Pinckneyville Park, and West Gwinnett Park
  • Fiber optic cable at Alexander Park, Bay Creek Park, Bryson Park, Lucky Shoals Park, and Pinckneyville Park
  • Lighting at Best Friend Park entrance and various park sites
Playground Equipment Replace/Renovations
  • Best Friend Park
  • Mountain Park Park
Resurfacing/Paving Park Roads, Parking Lots, Trails
  • Road and parking lot renovation and resurfacing at Bogan Park, George Pierce Park (football), Pinckneyville Park, and Shorty Howell Park
  • Trails resurfacing at Settles Bridge Park
Tree Plantings and Reforestation
  • Various parks

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2009 SPLOST Program: $128 million

Bryson Park (Phase I & II)

Facilities include:

  • Sports Complex, including two soccer fields and multipurpose field complex with associated concession and restroom buildings
  • Maintenance building
  • Playground and court areas
  • Paved trails
  • Comfort station
  • Parking

Harbins Community Park (Phase II)

Facilities include:

  • Seven-field baseball/softball complex with concession and restroom building
  • Multi-purpose field with concession and restroom building
  • Playground and pavilion complex
  • Trails
  • Parking

Lanier Community Park Master Plan

Park master plan includes:

  • Multi-purpose field complex with concession and restroom building
  • Pavilion and playground complex
  • Outdoor court complex
  • Trails
  • Maintenance facility



Lions Club Park Renovation

Renovation of existing park includes:

  • Five-field baseball/softball complex with concession and restroom building
  • Pavilion and playground complex
  • Multi-purpose trail and Greenway connection

Rabbit Hill Park Expansion

Expansion includes:

  • Seven-field baseball/softball complex with concession and restroom building
  • Multi-purpose field complex with concession and restroom building
  • Two lighted soccer fields
  • Playground and pavilion complex
  • Teen facilities

Rock Springs Park

Expansion includes:

  • New soccer complex
  • Concession and restroom building

South Gwinnett Park Renovations

Renovation of existing park includes:

  • Multi-purpose field complex with concession and restroom building
  • Seven-field baseball/softball complex with concession and restroom building
  • South Gwinnett Park Master Plan




J.B. Williams Park

J.B. Williams Park Master Plan


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2005 SPLOST Program: $190.3 million

Alexander Park

Facilities include:

  • Paved and natural surface trails
  • Plaza
  • Playground
  • Meadow/amphitheater with a restroom building
  • Lake improvements
  • Maintenance building
  • 18-hole disc golf course


Artificial Turf Fields

Replace sodded fields with artificial turf to increase the use of large football fields by decreasing downtime due to weather and overuse for the following parks:

  • Bay Creek Park
  • Cemetery Field
  • Duncan Creek Park
  • George Pierce Park

Bogan Park Aquatic Center

Improvements include:

  • Tracks on panels of roof that open for ventilation repair and replacement
  • Pool pac unit to efficiently heat the pool water
  • Lap pool shell resurfaced
  • Locker rooms renovated, including tiles, lights, and counters
  • Repair cracks, caulking, and drain gates
  • Provide a climate control system that will lengthen the useful life of the building by an estimated 30 years

Duncan Creek Park

Facilities include:

  • Multi-purpose field with concession and restroom building
  • Lighted walking track
  • Teen facilities including skate park, sand volleyball, and basketball courts

Freemans Mill Park

Facilities include:

  • Restored and raised the historic gristmill
  • Playground
  • Half-mile paved multi-purpose trail
  • Comfort station

Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

Improvements including:

  • Event parking, including bus parking
  • Festival field area
  • Service center
  • Historic structures’ relocation and stabilization
  • Exhibit Package: Business plan calls for the changing-out of exhibits on a regular cycle, which is vital to the success of sustaining a customer base

Lucky Shoals Park

Redevelopment includes:

  • Community recreation center and gymnasium with indoor walking track and basketball courts
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Two lighted tennis courts

Peachtree Ridge Park

Facilities include:

  • Youth sports complex with three baseball/softball fields and concession and restroom building
  • Football field with lighted walking track
  • Two soccer fields
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Playground and pavilion complex
  • Handicap accessible ball field and playground for children with special needs
  • 1-mile paved multi-purpose trail


Rhodes Jordan Park

Renovations include:

  • Construction of the first phase of the lake loop multi-purpose trail
  • Relocation of the entrance road within the park
  • Lake dredging and shoreline stabilization
  • Renovation of the picnic area with replacement of picnic pavilions and a restroom
  • Irrigation from lake
  • Parking improvements
  • Tennis center building replacement
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Three soccer fields with concession and restroom building
  • Replacement of maintenance building and horseshoe courts

Rock Springs Park

Facilities include:

  • Football field with lighted walking track and concession and restroom building
  • Six lighted tennis courts
  • Playground and pavilion complex
  • Comfort station
  • 2-mile paved, multi-purpose trail

Settles Bridge Park

Facilities include:

  • Skate complex
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Dog park area
  • Playground and pavilion complex
  • Comfort station
  • 1.6-mile paved multi-purpose trail
  • 2.9-mile soft-surface trail

Vines Park

Renovations include:

  • Renovation of existing trails around the lake
  • Pedestrian bridge construction
  • Lake overlook
  • Pavilion
  • Removal of wooden structures
  • Viewing area for the Garden Railroad
  • Removal of aquatic plantings and silt
  • Landscaping

West Gwinnett Park

Facilities include:

  • Aquatic center with indoor competition/lap pool, indoor instructional pools, and outdoor leisure play pool
  • Two lighted multi-purpose fields
  • Lighted walking track
  • 0.25-mile paved multi-purpose trail

SPLOST funding:  $18,095,316


Yellow River Post Office

Facilities include:

  • Historical interpretive signage with paved walkway
  • Restoration of post office building (that once served as a post office, general store, sharecropper’s house, and a school), slave cabin, and barn
  • Comfort station
  • Picnic tables 


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2001 SPLOST Program: $201.1 million

Active Parks Land Acquisition

Acquisition included:

  • Land purchases to accomplish goals of the 2001 Capital Revision to the 1996 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
  • Four new Community Parks:
  • Sugarloaf
  • North Snellville
  • Harbins
  • South District
  • Existing park expansions:
  • Collins Hill
  • Rhodes Jordan
  • Dacula
  • Lenora Park
  • Shorty Howell Park


Alcovy – Harbins Passive Park Development

Master Plan identified improvements within the park:

  • Trails of various types
  • Restroom buildings
  • Signage
  • Pavilions
  • Playgrounds
  • Meadows
  • Parking
  • Maintenance building with yard


Bay Creek Park (Phase I)

Facilities included:

  • Eight-field baseball-softball complex with one of the fields fully accessible and with a concession and restroom building
  • Football field with a concession and restroom building
  • Trails
  • Sewer pump station and other utilities
  • Parking


Best Friend Park Renovation

This project included:

  • Construction of a 300-foot softball field and a 320 – 350-foot baseball field with restroom facilities
  • Repair of the subsurface conditions at various courts
  • Renovation of the court surfaces, fences, and lighting at Hudlow Tennis Center
  • Reconstruction of the lane pool into an expanded family aquatics center
  • Maintenance building, parking, and entry way improvements
  • Expansion, pavilion, playground, open meadow, and trail additions


Bethesda Park Expansion

Construction included:

  • Indoor family aquatic center with instructional pool
  • Trail, playground, pavilion, and picnic area improvements
  • Stand-alone football field with concession and restroom building
  • Parking


Bogan Park Renovations

Community Center improvements included:

  • Addition of a gymnasium, locker rooms, and class and office space
  • Aquatic center was expanded to the lobby
  • Addition of a “wet” classroom


Cities Share/Contributions

Contribution to Gwinnett County cities for acquisition or construction of Parks and Recreation active or passive facilities. Distribution was determined by the Gwinnett Municipal Association.

Cities are:

  • Auburn
  • Berkeley Lake
  • Braselton
  • Buford
  • Dacula
  • Duluth
  • Grayson
  • Lawrenceville
  • Lilburn
  • Loganville
  • Norcross
  • Snellville
  • Sugar Hill
  • Suwanee


Collins Hill Park Improvements

Improvements included:

  • Additional parking
  • Tennis court relocation
  • Separate standalone maintenance compound
  • Trail improvements
  • Hardscaping of the viewing areas around the ballfields
  • Stormwater upgrades


Dacula Park Activity Center

Improvements include:

  • Construction of an activity building and parking on new land that was acquired next to the existing park
  • Connecting the pedestrian trail system to the new activity building
  • Construct of an additional picnic and playground area, and tennis and basketball courts


DeShong Park

The first phase of a passive community park located in the southwestern section of Gwinnett County.


Five Forks at Ronald Reagan

Passive Community Park Development includes:

  • A multi-purpose trail
  • A pavilion playground area with restroom
  • A senior activity area with a small pavilion
  • Two bocce ball courts
  • Two horseshoe courts
  • Two shuffleboard courts
  • A teen area with a street skateboard feature
  • Two half-court basketball courts
  • A small pavilion
  • A dog park


George Pierce Park (Phase II)

This phase included the addition of:

  • Two youth baseball/softball fields
  • Concession and restroom building
  • Community center
  • Outdoor basketball and tennis courts
  • Trail construction
  • Parking enhancements


Greenways Development

Two pilot projects have been identified. One will connect Tribble Mill with the new properties at Harbins: Alcovy and Palm Creek. This will involve land acquisition along a portion of the corridor of the Alcovy River.

The other project is the Ivy Creek Greenway and will involve connection within the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center to both the Mall of Georgia and George Pierce Park. This will also connect with Suwanee’s Richard Trice Trail.


Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center is a facility for environmental education, a natural history and cultural history museum, and a host for passive recreational activities such as trails.


Hog Mountain Community Park (Little Mulberry Park)

Phase I development of Hog Mountain Community Park included:

  • Sports field complex with associated support building(s) and parking
  • Trails
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic pavilions


Holcomb Bridge Park

Construction included:

  • Demolition of Pinckneyville Arts Center
  • Trails
  • A playground
  • Restrooms
  • Pavilion


Jones Bridge Park Shoreline Stabilization (Phase II)

Construction included:

  • Stabilized/limited erosion of river bank
  • Reforestation and revegetation of the bank
  • Constructed elements to control and direct access to the bank and river


Kanoheda Area Park (Sweet Water Park)

The first phase of a passive community park located in the Kanoheda Area.


Lenora Park Expansion

Lenora Park, with the addition of land to the original park, was expanded according to the master site plan. The identified projects included:

  • Stand-alone football field
  • Miscellaneous renovations to existing facilities,
  • Outdoor aquatic center
  • Trail expansion
  • Lakeshore improvements
  • Dog park
  • Athletic field lighting upgrade
  • Entrance improvements including signs, utilities, and parking


Little Mulberry Park Development

This park is to be developed in two phases. The first phase developed the Fence Road side of the park. This included:

  • A pavilion
  • Restroom building
  • Playground
  • Multi-purpose and nature trails
  • Parking
  • Signage
  • Maintenance building

The second phase constructed the Karina Miller Nature Preserve side of the park. This included:

  • Equestrian and multipurpose trail development
  • Fishing piers and bridges
  • Parking
  • Restroom building
  • Utility service


McDaniel Farm Park Development

The first phase of development included:

  • Preservation and renovation of all of the existing buildings recommended in the master plan except the main residence
  • Multi-purpose and nature trails with associated bridges
  • Interpretive signage
  • Restroom building
  • Parking
  • A maintenance building


Mountain Park Aquatic Center and Activity Building

Development of new Aquatics Center with an indoor and outdoor pool and Activity Building to replace the pool facility at Mountain Park. Facility also includes:

  • Trail
  • Landscaping


Park Maintenance Facilities

Addition of stand-alone maintenance compound to existing parks at Bay Creek and Lucky Shoals.


Passive Community Park Development

The first phase of a passive community park was developed in the Rockbridge area (Graves property).


Passive Parks Land Acquisition

Land acquisition of passive parks in various areas of the county preserves open space for future residents.


PIB Aquatic Center Master Plan (West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center)

Completion of a master plan and soil testing for the Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Aquatic Center park site.


Rhodes Jordan Park Expansion

Expansion includes:

  • Football concession and restroom building
  • Parking
  • New pressbox and storage facility


Settles Bridge Master Plan

Master Plan for the Settles Bridge property that was a collaboration with the National Park Service and Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Shorty Howell Park Redevelopment

Redevelopment of existing park included:

  • Baseball/softball complex
  • Stand-alone football field
  • Activity building and precinct
  • Maintenance compound
  • Other park renovations will include a picnic pavilion, trails, utilities, and other items identified in the master plan


Spriggs Road Park Site Master Plan

Completion of a master plan for the Spriggs Road park site.


Tribble Mill Park

Construction included:

  • Playground equipment and installation
  • Surfacing and drainage installation for a destination playground


Yellow River Park

The first phase of development consisted of:

  • Multi-purpose, nature, equestrian mountain biking trails
  • Signage
  • Parking
  • Two restrooms buildings
  • Changing station and washing area for mountain bikers
  • Pavilion(s)
  • Playground
  • Maintenance building


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1997 SPLOST Program: $60 million

Best Friend Park

Renovations and improvements included:

  • Renovated the gym
  • Replaced the tennis center pro shop
  • Paved the tennis center parking lot
  • Added sidewalks and landscaping to the park
  • Added park signage.


Bethesda Park

Designed park extension project included the addition of:

  • Parking lots for baseball/softball and soccer areas
  • Restroom for pee-wee/tee-ball fields
  • Park road and utilities
  • Sidewalks and paved multi-use trail
  • Improved signage
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation


Dacula Park

Implemented redevelopment and facilities expansion of the park included:

  • New ball field and football field developments
  • Expanded passive recreation
  • Maintenance facility
  • Signage
  • Perimeter trail
  • Automobile and pedestrian circulation
  • Other infrastructure improvements


George Pierce Park

Following the purchase of the land for park expansion, park improvements were prioritized based on available funding. These improvements included:

  • Improved storm drainage
  • Replaced pond dam
  • Paved perimeter trail and park sidewalks
  • Pedestrian controls
  • Signage
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape
  • Miscellaneous concrete paving


Greenway Development

Development included:

  • Preparation of Greenway Master Plans and construction documents for selected corridor
  • Obtaining of Greenway corridors and associated parking and service areas by means of easement and fee simple purchase
  • Construction of Greenway trails and associated signage, restroom facilities, and other improvements


Harmony Grove Soccer Complex

Renovations included:

  • Construction of new concession and restroom building
  • Various vehicular and pedestrian system paving improvements
  • Paving of picnic plaza and bleacher areas
  • Improving drainage and lighting
  • Addition of park signage


Jones Bridge Park Shoreline Stabilization

Stabilization included:

  • Stabilizing and limiting erosion of river bank
  • Reforestation and revegetation of the bank
  • Construction of elements to control and direct access to the bank and river


Mountain Park Redevelopment

Provided a park master plan and then implemented redevelopment and facilities expansion of the park including:

  • New ball field and tennis complexes
  • Expanded passive recreation
  • Automobile pedestrian circulation
  • Maintenance complex
  • Infrastructure improvements


Nature Center at Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

The Environmental and Heritage Center Nature Center includes:

  • A facility for environmental education
  • A natural history and cultural history museum
  • Passive recreational activities such as trails


North District New Park Development (Rabbit Hill)

  • Acquired total of 200 acres of park land on one or two sites
  • Master plan for the site
  • Design Phase I development of a new community park with soccer field complex, passive recreation facilities, and natural open space



Passive Community Park Program (Sweet Water)

Addition of new park acreage in Kanoheda Elementary School area.


Pinckneyville Park

Construction design and administration for Pinckneyville Park included:

  • Development of existing park land with soccer complex, trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds
  • Land expansion and development of a community and arts center
  • Establishment of County design standards for future projects


Pinckneyville Park Expansion

Expansion included:

  • Acquisition of parkland in the West District
  • Master plan the site
  • Development of a baseball/softball complex
  • Skating facility
  • Large picnic pavilion
  • Family picnic area
  • Paved walking trail
  • Other passive recreation development


Rhodes Jordan Park Expansion and Development

Acquired additional land and made improvements to existing and new park properties including:

  • An eight-court tennis complex
  • A new community center with gymnasium and outdoor leisure pool
  • Road improvements
  • Trail
  • Parking
  • Concession and restroom building
  • Other passive improvements


Shorty Howell Park Expansion and Development

Expansion included:

  • Acquired park expansion acreage
  • Prepared park master plan


South District New Park Development (Lenora Park)

Acquired 150 acres of park land on one site and master plan the site. Purchased additional South District park land with emphasis on expansion of existing facilities.


Tribble Mill Park Improvements

Added park improvements to include a number of facilities:

  • Stage and equipment for the festival field
  • Two comfort stations
  • Multi-purpose and nature trails
  • Road extensions to the fishing lake and festival field
  • Lake access facilities
  • Increased parking and other infrastructure improvements
  • Grand pavilion
  • Signage
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Playground equipment


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