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Standard Drawings
The Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development's standard drawings illustrate minimum acceptable standards for land development activities authorized under the Unified Development Ordinance of Gwinnett County Georgia. However these standards shall not supersede more restrictive prudent design requirements or good engineering practices as applied to specific situations on a case-by-case basis. Unless otherwise specified on these standard drawings or in the Unified Development Ordinance, all construction shall meet or exceed the minimum standards established by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Listed below are links to Standard Drawing files in either PDF or DWG format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view the PDF files. The standard drawings in DWG format can be downloaded for use in any drawing package that supports DWG files. To download the DWG files to your computer right click on the link, select "save target as", navigate to the folder where you want to store the file, change the extension to .dwg, and then select save. If you have questions concerning the drawings, please call 678.518.6000

Attention Authorized Registered Professionals:


The Standard Drawings listed below were revised in 2015. 

  • Detail 312, Residential Driveway Entrance with Sidewalk for Interior Roads was revised to update the 3 ft. sidewalk width to 4 or 5 ft. depending on the road classification.
  • Detail 315, Typical Sidewalk Section, was revised to update the 3 ft. sidewalk width to 4 or 5 ft. depending on the road classification.
  • Details 317 and 318, Handicap Ramp Details, were revised to require truncated domes to replace the grooves as the warning surface.
  • Detail 316, Residential Driveway Entrance, was created to show construction details for a residential driveway when a sidewalk is not required.
  • Detail 402, Residential Subdivision Streets, was revised to remove the requirement for base course under the curb and gutter.


Please feel free to contact the Development Review Staff at 678-518-6000 should you have any questions.


Standard Drawings in PDF Format

Standard Drawings in DWG Format