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Please let us know about your experience using the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) by completing this form. Your feedback will help identify possible future UDO enhancements. We welcome and appreciate your comments.

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  • Administration:
    • Chapter 100: General Provisions
    • Chapter 110: Definitions
  • Land Use and Zoning:
    • Chapter 200: General Provisions
    • Chapter 210: Base Zoning Districts
    • Chapter 220: Overlay Zoning Districts
    • Chapter 230: Standards Applying to all Districts
    • Chapter 240: Off-Street Parking Standards
    • Chapter 250: On-Street Parking Standards
    • Chapter 260: Non-Conforming Uses
    • Chapter 270: Procedures
  • Development and Permitting:
    • Chapter 310: Subdivision Standards
    • Chapter 320: Plan and Plat Guidelines
    • Chapter 330: Permits Required for Development or Construction
    • Chapter 340: Site and Subdivision Development Plan Review Procedures
    • Chapter 350: Inspections
    • Chapter 360: Development Design Standards
    • Chapter 400: Soil, Erosion, Sedimentation, and Pollution Control
    • Chapter 500: Riparian Buffers
    • Chapter 600: Buffers, Landscaping, and Tree Protection General Provisions
    • Chapter 610: Buffers
    • Chapter 620: Landscape Regulations
    • Chapter 630: Tree Preservation and Replacement Regulations
    • Chapter 640: Buffers, Landscaping, and Tree Protection Compliance
    • Chapter 700: Floodplain Management
    • Chapter 800: Stormwater Management
    • Chapter 810: Stormwater Conveyance Systems
    • Chapter 900: Infrastructure, Streets, Sidewalks, Multi-Use Paths, and Greenways
    • Chapter 910: Street Lighting
  • Appendices:
    • Section 1.0: Architectural Design Standards
    • Section 2.0: Standard Drawings
    • Section 3.0: Design Guidelines
    • Section 4.0: Buffers, Landscaping, and Tree Protection

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