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Pre-submittal Meeting
A pre-submittal meeting is offered for developers and design professionals and provides a preliminary review by staff of concept, site development, storm water, water, sewer, life safety, building plans and final plats. This meeting helps the design professional and developer to understand the plan review and permitting process and may identify issues up front that have the potential to delay the permitting process.

Revised Plan Submittal Approval and Final Plat Process Memorandum (PDF)
Plan Review Process Guidelines
Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development has established Plan Review Process Guidelines for site development permits and commercial building permits to provide customers with a basic understanding of the department plan review sections involved and the required review cycle (time required to complete review of plans) for each type of permit. For questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the appropriate Department of Planning and Development review section as follows:

The plan review process guidelines and specific review cycles for agencies outside the Department of Planning and Development may vary from the P&D process guidelines. Consequently, it is strongly recommended that the customer obtain this information directly from the applicable review agency.

Plan Review Sections

Plan Review Sections Checklists
If you are pursuing land development go to the Site Plan Review Checklists page.

If you are pursuing the construction of a commercial building go to the Building Plan Review Checklists page.

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