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Proposals to Use Proprietary Systems Information

Please submit an electronic version of your proposal to Bob Whelchel no later than two (2) weeks prior to a regularly scheduled SWTAC meeting for consideration. Include the following information as a minimum to allow members the opportunity for preview:
  • Executive Summary
    • Narrative briefly explaining the proposal
  • Site Map
    • Area location
  • Drainage Area Maps
    • Pre-Developed
    • Post-Developed
  • Summary of Technical information
    • Supporting documentation
    • Details/Cross sections of system
    • Manufacturer's data sheets
  • Time Limit
    • 15-minute maximum time allotment for presentations to SWTAC
Please bring at a minimum, 15 copies of the above information to the SWTAC meeting for distribution. Be advised, the SWTAC only reviews proposed systems for application. Gwinnett County Stormwater Review Section of the Department of Planning and Development will review for compliance with all applicable regulations.

Proprietary System Proposals Information (PDF)