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Planning Division
The Planning Division is responsible for the long-range planning and zoning administration activities in Gwinnett County. The Long-Range Planning Section of the Planning Division is responsible for formulating policy recommendations and programs to guide future growth and development in Gwinnett County. These duties include the preparation, update, implementation and monitoring of the Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan, sector or small area plans, special projects as well as coordination with the County's municipalities and other local, regional, State and Federal government agencies.

The Current Planning Section administers the Gwinnett County Zoning Resolution. This section receives, processes, reviews and makes recommendations on applications to rezone property in the unincorporated areas of the County. In addition, the section processes Special Use Permit, Change-in-Condition, Buffer Reduction, and Moved-in-House applications, reviews home occupations for compliance with zoning regulations, and prepares zoning certification letters as requested. This section also coordinates the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) submittal process with State and regional government agencies. The Current Planning Section provides staff support to the Gwinnett County Planning Commission.

In addition to the various areas of responsibility mentioned above, the Planning Division also has a considerable amount of public interaction. The Planning Division responds to walk-in visitors, telephone calls and e-mails seeking technical assistance with zoning, land use, etc. Additional Planning Division services include coordinating County-wide planning studies, research, GIS mapping, data analysis, and census-based demographic information.

Contact Information
Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development
Planning Division
Current Planning Section
Long-Range Planning Section
Planning Data Services Section
Economic Analysis Division
Strategic Infrastructure Planning Division

One Justice Square
446 West Crogan Street, Suite 250
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046
678.518.6000 (office)
678.518.6275 (fax)

Hours of Operation: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday

Long Range Planning Section Staff Contact Information
Staff and Email Title Phone Number
Jeff West Division Director 678.518.6211
James Pugsley Planner III 678.518.6213
Cathy Kuhl Administration 678.518.6202

2030 Unified Plan
The Long-Range Planning Section in the Planning Division is responsible for preparing, updating, monitoring and implementing the Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan. The Unified Plan's major purpose is to guide the overall development of the county. The 2030 Unified Plan final documents including the Consolidated Plan, Comprehensive Transportation Plan, and Future Development Map are located at the 2030 Unified Plan page.

Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan Future Development Map 36x36 (PDF)
Gwinnett County 2030 Unified Plan Future Development Map 8.5x11 (PDF)

Annexation Tracking
The Long-Range Planning Section of the Planning Division reviews all annexation proposals by each of the 16 cities located all or in part within the County. Information on each proposal is entered into a database where it can be tracked from initial notice to final outcome. When an annexation is approved, the departmental records and maps are revised to reflect the new city limit boundaries and any associated changes in zoning or projected land use. A statistical report is prepared each year to summarize the annexation activities of all the cities.

If the Board of Commissioners determines that the change in zoning or development proposed through annexation would have major negative impacts on the County, an objections and dispute resolution process can be initiated. Throughout these procedures, the Planning Division provides technical assistance on land use issues to the Board of Commissioners and Law Department.

Gwinnett Planning Committee (GPC)
The Planning Division provides support to the Gwinnett Planning Committee (GPC). The GPC is comprised of county staff, municipal planners, and other interested parties and its purpose is to discuss planning issues primarily relating to Gwinnett County's 2030 Unified Plan. The GPC provides a forum for inter-departmental and inter-agency communication, cooperation, and information sharing. The GPC has met almost monthly since the late 1980s and generally, the group meets the second Wednesday of every other month. Please call the Long-Range Planning Section at 678.518.6000 for more information.

Zoning Information
The Current Planning Section of the Planning Division is responsible for the processing of rezoning, Special Use Permit, Change-in-Conditions, Buffer Reduction, and Moved-in-House applications in unincorporated Gwinnett County. The Current Planning Section also provides staff support to the Municipal-Gwinnett County Planning Commission.