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Mission Statement
The Gwinnett County Police Criminal Investigations Division's mission is to effectively and efficiently investigate crimes in Gwinnett County, to improve the lives of innocent citizens, and to promote a safer community.

About the Criminal Investigations Division
The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of reported crimes. The division is comprised of two sections, Criminal Investigations and Special Investigations.

The Criminal Investigations Section conducts follow-up investigations into specific crimes reported to the department. The section is divided into several squads which allow personnel to conduct specialized investigations. Cases are assigned for further investigation based on a case management system. Not all cases are assigned for follow up investigation. Criteria for assignment include, but are not limited to, the type and seriousness of the crime and solvability factors.

The Special Investigations Section conducts investigations into drug-related activity as well as vice-related complaints such as prostitution and gambling. Drug activity is a motivating factor in many of the crimes reported to the department. Persons involved in drug-related activity are also typically involved in other crimes, such as robbery and burglary.