Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
Gwinnett voters have approved a series of Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax programs, known as SPLOST, since the mid-1980s. This one percent sales tax has paid for County and city facilities, acres of greenspace, parks and recreation facilities, new roads and improvements, police and fire stations, and libraries around the county. Your pennies are working to keep Gwinnett a great place to live, work, and play!  
Voters approve 2014 SPLOST
On November 5, 2013, Gwinnett County voters approved the renewal of the one-cent SPLOST sales tax. The three-year 2014 SPLOST program began on April 1, 2014, after the 2009 SPLOST program ended on March 31, 2014. It is projected to raise an estimated $453 million for capital projects.

County and city officials in August 2013 agreed to share SPLOST proceeds (County - 78.9 percent, cities - 21.1 percent). The County is dedicating 70 percent of its share to transportation, including $25 million for joint city/county projects. Public safety, parks, library relocation/renovation, and senior facilities will also get funds. To learn more about the planned uses, please read the 2014 SPLOST fact sheet.

To find out how residents are engaged in SPLOST planning and oversight, click on citizen involvement. To go directly to the web page for the Citizens Project Selection Committee for Transportation, click on Transportation CPSC.

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