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Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)

The Crooked Creek WRF is located in Peachtree Corners on a 45-acre site off Holcomb Bridge Road, approximately one mile southeast of the Chattahoochee River and the Fulton County line. Crooked Creek WRF is one of three water reclamation facilities in Gwinnett County. 

In March of 2017, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (DWR) began Phase 4 of the upgrade and modernization project at this facility. During this project, DWR will be making upgrades to the electrical and computer systems, biological reactor basins, solids handling and clarifiers.  These enhancements will result in better environmental protection, odor control and noise control.

Construction is scheduled to be completed May 2021.

A May 2018 update with additional details of the project is available here.

History:  Crooked Creek WRF

Gwinnett County began operating a one million gallon per day (MGD) treatment plant at this site in 1972. Since that time, the facility has been upgraded and expanded several times to its present-day capacity of 16 MGD.

  • Purchased in 1972
  • Expanded to 2 MGD in 1977
  • Expanded to 6.5 MGD in 1987
  • Expanded to 16 MGD in 1990

The most recent updates began in 2010 and included:

  • New influent pump station and headworks: 2012 Construction Package 1 (CP-1)
  • New operations center and maintenance facility: 2014 Construction Package 2 (CP-2)
  • Retrofit tank with diffused aeration for increased efficiency and power savings:  2015 Construction Package 3A (CP-3A)
  • Addition of cloth media filters and retrofit of clarifiers:  2016 Construction Package 3B and 3C (CP-3B & CP-3C)

For more information on the Crooked Creek WRF Improvements, please contact Kristopher Campbell at 678.376.6751.