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Crooked Creek WRF

To meet the needs of Gwinnett County residents, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) follows a Water and Wastewater Master Plan. The Plan calls for the consolidation of water reclamation facilities (WRF), which treat wastewater coming from homes and businesses and return the water to County waterways. The Master Plan recommends that many County facilities currently operating will need to be removed from service. Other facilities will be upgraded and expanded to help meet the overall capacity demands of the County. One of the facilities slated to be upgraded and expanded will be the Crooked Creek WRF.

The existing Crooked Creek WRF is located on a 45-acre site off of Holcomb Bridge Road, approximately one mile southeast of the Chattahoochee River and the Fulton County line. Gwinnett County began operating a one million gallon per day (MGD) treatment plant at this site in 1972. Since that time, the facility has been upgraded and expanded several times to its present-day capacity of 16 MGD.

Because of advances in treatment technology, there are currently several processes and structures that that have become outdated and will require upgrading to meet stricter state and federal regulations. The improvements at Crooked Creek WRF will help it handle wastewater flows and allow it to treat wastewater in accordance with Georgia water quality standards. Areas being improved include the incoming sewage pre-treatment process, filters, disinfection, aeration capacity, and bio-solids handling facilities.

In addition to the upgrades, the Master Plan calls for the Crooked Creek WRF to be expanded to treat up to 25 MGD by 2016. Increasing the capacity does not mean the site itself will increase. The expansion will fit within the facility’s current footprint. DWR will coordinate the upgrades with the expansion to avoid potentially expensive and temporary solutions.

Design of the first two of three phases is scheduled to be completed in August 2009 with construction beginning in early 2010 and lasting approximately two years. The final phase will be designed starting late in 2010 with construction beginning late in 2011 and lasting approximately two years. Additional project information and details will be posted to this site as they become available. Please visit often to learn more.

For more information on the Crooked Creek WRF Improvements, please contact Kristopher Campbell at 678.376.6751.