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Data Management Section

The Data Management Section is responsible for verifying and maintaining the accuracy of the water,sewer and stormwater GIS infrastructure data for the Department. The Section oversees the collection of GIS data utilizing both GPS technology and traditional surveying, and the overall quality assurance/quality control of that data. The Section manages the GIS records for the Department, ensuring that accurate new data is entered into the GIS system through digitized mapping and attributing in a timely and efficient manner.

The Section is charged with staying abreast of technology changes and providing assistance in continually upgrading and developing the GIS for the Department, providing custom GIS application development support to various other work groups, performing complex analyses for other work groups, and providing training support to other work groups in the Department.

Contact Sean Forrester, Section Manager, Data Management

Water and Sewer Maps and As-Built Records are available on the GIS Data Browser.  Online instructions for use are located on the link below.

GIS Data Browser