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Public Education
Recognizing that one of the most effective ways to reach the public is through community involvement, Gwinnett County has a variety of information and education programs designed to encourage environmentally responsible behavior at home, school, and work.

Getting the information where it is most effective has been a truly cooperative effort by the Stormwater Management, the Environmental and Heritage Center, the Gwinnett Extension Service, the Department of Environmental Health, Collections and Distributions, Planning and Development, Parks and Recreation, Adopt-A-Stream, Gwinnett Schools and other State and Federal Agencies. The following are some of programs and activities sponsored or promoted by Gwinnett County.

Programs and Speakers
The Department of Water Resources has developed Homeowner H2O, a free program to educate residents about water conservation and stormwater management issues in Gwinnett County.  If you would like a staff member to come speak to your homeowners’ association, civic club or other community group, please contact Heather Moody at 678.376.6722 or dwrconserve@gwinnettcounty.com.

Because the future of our water supply will be dependent on the children of this generation, DWR has launched a new school outreach program called Water on Wheels to target primary education. These classroom-based programs are available to travel to schools throughout Gwinnett County.  Students will participate in engaging hands-on lessons that teach the importance of water conservation and foster attitudes that will inspire life-long water efficient behaviors.  All Water on Wheels lessons support Gwinnett County Schools Academic Knowledge and Skills standards for science.  Programs are also available to Gwinnett County Scouts, summer camps, libraries and recreation centers.  For more information on these programs, please contact Heather Moody at 678.376.6722 or dwrconserve@gwinnettcounty.com