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What do bacon, ice cream, and peanut butter all have in common? They are more than just tasty treats. They are also sources of fats, oil, and grease, also known as FOG. While fats, oil, and grease add extra flavor to your food, pouring FOG down the drain can leave a real mess in Gwinnett County's sewer collection system.

FOG creates clogs that can back up sewage into your street, yard, or home and can even send it spilling into a neighborhood stream! Think of it this way––if it can clog arteries in the body, then it will probably clog the sewer pipe. Fortunately, clearing up FOG is as easy as doing a few simple things around the kitchen.

Watch what happens when FOG in the form of bacon grease is poured down the drain. This woman does not realize that her habit of doing this over time has created a FOG clog in her home.

This forces a backup that leaves a nasty surprise in the bathroom. First the tub starts filling; once that overflows it bubbles up through the toilet too. Because many of her neighbors are also unaware of FOG prevention habits, the same thing happens on a larger scale affecting a neighborhood stream.

FOG has contributed to a significant blockage in the sewer line that parallels the stream. Once the wastewater can no longer flow through the pipe, it surcharges in the manhole, gushing out and running into the stream.

See how FOG builds up over time in a sewer pipe until wastewater cannot flow through any longer. The flow backs up into the pipe and then the manhole until it is forced out and pours out into the street or even a stream.
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