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Lateral Responsibility
By connecting to the County sewer system, the property owner accepts responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the sewer lateral. In the same way that you would replace your furnace or roof if they were damaged or not working, you also need to replace or repair your sewer lateral if it is damaged or broken. 

A functioning lateral helps protect your property, your family, and our drinking water from damages and pollution caused by sewage backups.

Upstream Manholes


If your lowest plumbing fixture, such as a basement toilet or sink, is below the next upstream manhole, then you must have a sanitary backflow device (see the diagram below for an example) on your lateral.

If raw sewage backs up at the upstream manhole, the device closes and protects your property from flooding. Without this device, the property owner is responsible for any damages and cleanup if there is a sewage backup.

Sewer Policy