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Surface Cleaning
Gwinnett County has worked closely during 2005 and 2006 with members of the industry group Power Washers of North America to develop a detailed Guideline which addresses the prevention of stormwater pollution associated with the surface cleaning industry.

The information contained within this Guideline, as well as the documents available on this page, will assist surface cleaners in complying with Gwinnett County’s Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Ordinance and reducing stormwater pollution associated with their surface cleaning business activities.

If you are a consumer and are interested in contracting with a surface cleaner for cleaning services you should be aware that your selection of a contractor is an important first step in protecting water quality. Many contractors do not have the equipment necessary to complete their cleaning activities without causing water pollution within your local streams and lakes. You can help prevent water pollution by selecting a contractor who abides by the County’s Surface Cleaning Guideline. As a first step read through the county’s brochure “Under Pressure – A Consumers Guide to Hiring a Pressure Washing Contractor” and also consider selecting a contractor from the list of contractors who have satisfactorily demonstrated to the county their ability to collect generated waste water for proper disposal.


If you are a surface cleaner who would like to be included on the contractor list, please read the Surface Cleaning Water Quality Guideline and if you believe you can comply, please complete Form WQ-1c contained within the guideline and submit original signed copy to: Gwinnett County Stormwater Management Division, 684 Winder Highway, Lawrenceville, GA 30045.


Please report any illicit discharges to the storm sewer system by calling 678-376-7000 . Please provide as much information as possible, including a description of the individual(s), vehicle, time of day the discharge occurred and discharge location. Although anonymous complaints are accepted, you are encouraged to provide your contact information when you call. By doing so, we will be able to contact you regarding any information that was not initially received, but that may aid in investigation and enforcement.

Should you have any questions regarding the information on the page please email Steve Leo.