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Big Haynes Creek Wetlands Demonstration Project


The Big Haynes Creek Watershed Wetlands Demonstration Project was completed in 2008. This project demonstrated the concept of using manmade wetlands to remove pollutants from urban storm water runoff. These wetlands are located in or adjacent to the flood plain and are planted with native plant species that remove contaminants from urban runoff prior to entering the main stream.

The Big Haynes Wetland Project is part of a larger effort to protect a drinking water supply watershed. Using the site of a former wastewater treatment facility, this project now improves water quality within Gwinnett County and for those downstream. Big Haynes Creek is the drinking water supply for Rockdale County.

The Big Haynes Wetland Project involved diverting a portion of stormwater flow away from a Big Haynes Creek tributary and providing extended detention and water quality enhancement using a series of water quality treatment pools and constructed wetlands. Stormwater often contains sediment and pollutants; this stormwater detention structure traps and removes sediments from the creek during storms.
The completed project also includes a walking path, which makes it an amenity for recreation, bird watching, nature study, and other community activities. The project was completed with funding from a USEPA grant and matching funds from the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources.

The project is part of the County's efforts to improve water quality and aquatic habitat through the Watershed Improvement Program. These efforts support several permit requirements.