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School Programs
Water on Wheels is a classroom-based program that is available to travel to schools throughout Gwinnett County.  Students will participate in engaging hands-on lessons that teach the importance of water conservation and foster attitudes that will inspire life-long water efficient behaviors.  All Water on Wheels lessons support Gwinnett County Schools Academic Knowledge and Skills standards for science.  Programs are also available to Gwinnett County Scouts, libraries and recreation centers. 

If you would like to schedule a program for your school, please contact us at 678.376.6722 or These programs are offered free of charge

School Program Flyer (PDF)

Conservation Workshops
Free Water Conservation workshops on a variety of topics are scheduled throughout the year.  Look for program times and locations to be announced in the monthly Gwinnett County Connection newsletter that is included in your water bill and available on our website.

2018 Water Workshops (PDF)

Homeowner H2O: Water Conservation Workshop
Provides the knowledge and tools you need to increase water efficiency in your home. Attendees will receive a low-flow home retrofit kit, outdoor water efficiency kit, do-it-yourself home water audit guide, and information on how to apply for Gwinnett County’s toilet rebate program.

Fix-a-Leak Workshop
High water bills are often caused by leaks inside or outside the home. Learn how to perform a test that will tell you if your home has a leak. Then we’ll explain how to track down the leak and demonstrate simple repairs you can do yourself. Attendees will receive a free low-flow home retrofit kit.

Water Wise Landscaping Workshop
Save money, water, and maintenance time by transforming your landscape into an easy to care for Water Wise landscape. This workshop will present methods and tips to help you create a water efficient landscape. All participants will receive a free outdoor water efficiency kit.

Smart Irrigation Workshop
Learn about efficient outdoor watering practices and how to maintain your irrigation system. July is traditionally the month of peak water demand for lawns, gardens, and landscapes, but by watering smarter, consumers can save water and money all summer long. All participants will receive a free outdoor water efficiency kit.

Pre-Registration is recommended for DWR Workshops.  There are three simple ways to register.

  • Click here for online registration.  
  • Click here to send an email.  Please include your name, address and telephone number.
  • Call 678.376.7193.If you leave a message, please include your name, address and telephone number.

Guest Speakers and Events
The Department of Water Resources can provide a guest speaker for your community organization to discuss water resources, conservation, and related issues. In addition, DWR also offers a display for events such as open houses and festivals. DWR staff can bring brochures, do-it-yourself home water audits, children’s materials, and other conservation tools to distribute to participants.

To request a guest speaker or display, or for more information, please contact Karen Shields at 678.376.6952 or