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What’s Your Number?
How many gallons of water do you use each day? Here in Gwinnett County, the average single family household uses 176 gallons per day. Assuming an average household size of 2.6, that’s about 68 gallons per person per day.

You can use information found on your water bill to determine your family’s daily per person use number so you can see how you compare. Just follow these steps:

1. Locate the section on your water bill where it says “Usage History”.

2. The top line of this section shows your usage for “This Month”.  Look for the number listed under “Consumption”. Let’s say it’s 6.3.

3. Multiply your consumption number by 1,000 to get the total number of gallons your household used this billing period. In our example, that would be 6,300 gallons.

4. Divide your total number of gallons by the number of “Billing Days” in the billing cycle. The resulting number is your average daily HOUSEHOLD use. If the number of days is 30, the average daily household use in this example is 210 gallons.

5. For average daily PER PERSON use, just divide your average daily household use by the number of persons living in your home. If there are three people living in this household, that would be 70 gallons per person, per day.

Are You a Water Waster?
Now it’s time to see how you compare. If you use water outdoors during the warmer months, you may notice that your number is higher if you do the calculation in the summer rather than winter. Countywide, there is normally an increase in water use when it is hot and dry.

Gallons per person, per day
Winter Summer Rank
55 or less 65 or less Efficient
63 72 Average use in Gwinnett County
75 and above 90 and above Inefficient

How did you score? If you’ve discovered that your household is not as efficient as it could be, select one of the links below to discover how to take control of your water use!

Conserving Water Indoors

Conserving Water Outdoors