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Outdoor Water Use Information
Please note: On June 24, 2015, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board adopted Drought Management rules that replaced former rule provisions relating to outdoor water use as well as the 2003 Drought Management Plan.  The Drought Management rules require specific drought response strategies during specified levels of declared drought that may limit or restrict some of the outdoor water uses discussed below.  The Drought Management rules are available here.
Watering Schedule
On September 7, 2017, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division lowered the Drought Response Level for Gwinnett and 11 other counties to a Level 1 Drought Response.  Gwinnett County follows the state's outdoor watering restrictions, which allows landscape and lawn irrigation, before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.  There are currently no additional restrictions on outdoor water use.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Water Use.

Conserving Water

Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources encourages water conservation year round and provides information on our website to help residents conserve water.  Click here to visit our Conservation Page to learn how to increase your water efficiency and save money on your water bill..

More information is available from the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, the My Drop Counts website and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Exemptions From Outdoor Watering Restrictions
  • Commercial agricultural operations as defined in Code Section 1-3-3;
  • Capture and reuse of cooling system condensate or storm water in compliance with applicable local ordinances and state guidelines;
  • Reuse of gray water in compliance with Code Section 31-3-5.2 and applicable local board of health regulations adopted pursuant thereto;
  • Use of reclaimed waste water by a designated user from a system permitted by the Environmental Protection Division of the department to provide reclaimed waste water;
  • Irrigation of personal food gardens;
  • Irrigation of new and replanted plant, seed, or turf in landscapes, golf courses, or sports turf fields during installation and for a period of 30 days immediately following the date of installation;
  • Drip irrigation or irrigation using soaker hoses;
  • Hand watering with a hose with automatic cutoff or handheld container;
  • Use of water withdrawn from private water wells or surface water by an owner or operator of property if such well or surface water is on said property;
  • Irrigation of horticultural crops held for sale, resale, or installation;
  • Irrigation of athletic fields, golf courses, or public turf grass recreational areas;
  • Installation, maintenance, or calibration of irrigation systems; or
  • Hydro seeding.

For more information concerning outdoor water use:

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Water Use

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