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Gwinnett County Department of Corrections
Customer Service Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The Department of Corrections is evaluating the components of our customer service and gauging employee/customer satisfaction of the services provided by the department. The results of this survey will be used as part of our Balanced Scorecard to track and identify areas improvements can be made.

Our work details are supervised by either a correctional officer or a civilian/county employee. Which of the two positions services your area on a regular basis?

On average, how soon do you receive a response for a service request from the Department of Corrections?

Excellent Good Fair Poor Not Applicable
Overall performance, attention to detail, and job knowledge of the person supervising the inmate workers.
Professionalism and appearance of person supervising inmate workers.
Appearance and behavior of inmate workers.
Coordination and cooperation of Corrections' representatives (Field Operations/Administration) who provide inmate labor.
Allocation and availability of inmate labor provided by Corrections.
Overall satisfaction with services provided by the Gwinnett County Department of Corrections.


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