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(Buford, Ga., August 12, 2022) – On August 11, 2022, Ashley Bocanegra (30 years old, Buford) arrived at the hospital with severe injuries stemming from a fight she had been involved in earlier in the day with two other females.  A few hours later Bocanegra succumbed to her injuries and passed away.  

Gwinnett Homicide Detectives were called to investigate the incident.  Around 1:00 pm on August 11, the suspects, Antonetta Stevens (27 years old, Buford) and Janine Gonzalez (17 years old, Buffalo, NY) lured Bocanegra to the apartment complex where they live, near the 2900 block of Buford Dr., and attack her.  Detectives learned that Gonzalez’s brother had been involved in a romantic relationship with both Stevens and Bocanegra, and that relationship was the motive behind the attack. 

The Homicide Unit was able to locate Gonzalez and Steven’s at their apartment and question them about the incident.  Detectives believe that both Gonzalez and Stevens were involved in a physical altercation with Bocanegra, which resulted in serious injury which caused her death.  During the attack, they had also taken Bocanegra’s cellphone.  Gonzalez and Stevens have been arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery, Robbery, and Felony Murder.   

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