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Clerk of Court
Clerk of Court – Main Number 770.822.8100


Superior Court 770.822.8100
   civil: divorce, personal lawsuits, domestic violence, child support, name change
   criminal: felony charges
   other: real estate deeds, plats


State Court 770.822.8100
   civil: personal injury, contracts, appeal Magistrate Court
   criminal: misdemeanor charges, DUI, proof of insurance


Magistrate Court 770.822.8100
   civil: warrants, lawsuits under $15,000, landlord/tenant dispossessory
   criminal: warrants, bad check citation, shoplifting citation
   other: wedding ceremonies


Probate Court 770.822.8250
   wills, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, firearm license,
   guardianship (not custody), certificate of residency


Juvenile Court 770.619.6300
   all cases involving people under 17 years of age –
   custody, deprivation, felony charges


Recorder's Court 877.794.0988
   traffic tickets, environmental cases, animal citations