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Memorial Symbolism - The Entrance

Two gardens flanking the entrance signify peace. Escalating pylons portray the buildup of aggression that leads to war and the walkway depicts a soldier's march to battle. An open plaza suggests the world at large, and offers a way to express individual gratitude, memories, and appreciation with engraved memorial bricks.

Memorial Symbolism - The Eagle

A central pedestal marked with the branches of service is topped by a 200-pound bronze eagle, sculpted by Gwinnett firefighter Vic McCallum, signifying the arrival of friends to a place of safety. A rose in the eagle's talon expresses remembrance - its thorns, the heartache of losing a loved one.

Memorial Symbolism - The Markers

Memories are reflected in 13 black granite markers, arranged in a semi-circle to symbolize a life cut short, that hold the names - initially 676 names - of the Fallen Heroes in random order without rank. They face the courthouse, where truth and justice prevail.