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  1. The efficient handling of all felony cases to ensure that swift, sure justice is handed out to those who present a threat to public safety.
  2. Compassionate awareness of the needs of citizens who have become the victims of crime.
  3. To be stewards of public funds by managing effectively and making the most use of public resources.
  4. Develop the capacity to anticipate and effectively deal with new threats to the safety and economic well-being.
  5. The people of Gwinnett County have the right to honest, effective prosecution in all cases where there is sufficient evidence. 

The objective of the Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office is to provide fair, effective and expeditious investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses within the County.
  • To conduct the prosecution of criminal matters in the Superior and Juvenile Courts of the County.
  • To investigate, prepare and present all felony cases referred to the Grand Jury and conduct special investigations initiated by the District Attorney's Office.
  • To represent the People in all appeals, legal motions and special proceedings relating the prosecution of defendants within the County.
  • To vigorously prosecute public servants and those within criminal justice system who would abuse and violate their public trust and public integrity.
  • To bring to justice those who abuse the vulnerable such as women and children.

Organizational Chart

Criminal Investigations
The Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office has a current Criminal Investigation staff of 25 investigators. These investigators are dedicated law enforcement professionals with a variety of experience and training. An investigator's duties include reviewing cases received from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies; completing investigative reports; locating and interviewing victims and witnesses; serving legal documents such as subpoenas; locating and transporting physical evidence for trial; testifying in court proceedings as well as investigating complaints received directly by the District Attorney's Office.

Investigators are on call and available to assist other law enforcement officers in the field with criminal investigations including homicide, white collar and drug related crimes. Several investigators are assigned to work with Assistant District Attorneys involved in juvenile court prosecutions

Trial Division
The Trial Division is the heart of the District Attorney's Office. Here, attorney, investigators, and support staff all are assigned to the same court work together to investigate, screen, and prosecute cases before each of the Superior Court judges in Gwinnett County. 

The Gwinnett District Attorney's Office has three Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorneys, Lisa Jones, Tracie Cason and Rich Vandever. Each Deputy Chief ADA coordinates and supervises his or her assigned Trial Section which is made up of multiple trial divisions. In turn, each trial division is supervised by a Supervising ADA responsible for the coordination of all prosecutions assigned to one of ten Superior Court Judges. In addition to the three Trial Sections, there is a special team section that is dedicated to the prosecution of drug cases. Known as the Drug Task Force Section, it is overseen by Dan Mayfield, Chief Assistant District Attorney.

The three Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorneys, along with the Chief Assistant District Attorney and the District Attorney, rotate on-call status 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist any law enforcement organization working in Gwinnett County. In addition, the Deputy Chief Assistants are responsible for managing all Grand Jury presentations, preliminary hearings and the Fast Track program.

Victim Witness Program

Many exciting changes have taken place over the last several years that have provided a new day for Georgia's crime victims. Gwinnett County has been and continues to be a leader in ensuring that crime victims receive those rights that are afforded to them under Georgia law.

No longer are crime victims kept at a distance from the criminal justice and judicial systems, but are now in the forefront of the information that is needed. The Gwinnett County Victim Witness Program is a full service program that begins when the crime is reported and only ends at the final disposition of the case.

Criminal victimization, while not an experience that any of us hope for, can at least be less traumatic when the proper information is available. It is our goal that all crime victims in Gwinnett County will have that information available to them when needed.

Under the Crime Victim's Bill of Rights, a list of these mandated notifications and victim rights are available to anyone who has been victimized. If you have questions as a crime victim, or as a witness to a crime, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are available to assist you in any why that we can.