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Where can I register to vote?
  • Offices where driver's licenses or ID cards are issued
  • Offices where persons apply for public assistance or which administer programs for the disabled
  • Voter Registration and Elections Office
  • All Gwinnett County Public Schools 
  • All public libraries
  • Mail-in applications are available at:
  • All city halls

You must be registered 30 days prior to any election to be eligible to vote in that election. If you are already registered and have had a change of name or address, it must be changed 30 days prior to any election, to be effective for that election.

City Election
You do not have to register separately for city elections. If you are a registered Gwinnett County voter and you reside within the city limits, you are automatically registered for city elections.

Register to Vote Online
You can now register to vote online if you have a Georgia issued personal identification card or a Georgia issued driver’s license. Visit the Secretary of State’s website at

I registered to vote several months ago but I haven't received any notification; should I assume my registration was received and processed?
Absolutely not! Please visit Georgia Secretary of State's website at to check your registration. If you can't locate any information about your voter registration status, contact the Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections office at 678.226.7210. You can follow this same procedure if you've recently made a change to your name and or address. Please do not wait until Election Day to check your voter registration status! Oftentimes there are problems or applications are lost in the mail and waiting until Election Day may delay your voting or you may be ineligible to vote.