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How to schedule a Fire Inspection

Certificate of Occupancy inspections and others requiring permits can only be scheduled if the appropriate permit has been issued by Fire Plan Review. Please note: The electrical power must be on at the time of the final Fire Inspection.

Go to to schedule your appointment online. This is the County's website that gives citizens access to information related to permits and the ability to schedule inspections.

For a fire inspection related to a new Certificate of Occupancy, you will enter your permit number beginning with "BLD".

For compliance inspections of existing buildings, and others not requiring a permit, call 678.518.4980.

How do I contact Fire Plan Review?
For information regarding the permitting and plan review process, call 678.518.6000 or visit them online at Once on the website, select Departments, then Planning and Development, Plan Review, and finally, Fire Plan Review.

Who needs a Fire Certificate of Occupancy?
All commercial businesses within Gwinnett County, including those within a city limits in Gwinnett County, with the exception of the City of Loganville, must have a Gwinnett County Fire Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Note: Loganville has its own Fire Department and Fire Marshal's Office and issues its own CO.