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Residential Services
Waste haulers will collect yard trimmings upon request of a resident, and will charge the resident directly at a rate of $60 per service unit to be paid semi-annually without proration for service provided at any time during either six month billing period (January - June, and July - December).  This is a private agreement between the resident and the hauler.

The County will collect all fees, except fees charged for yard trimmings, on your annual tax bills.

Commercial Services / Construction and Demolition Services and Fees
All commercial occupancies can contract with an approved commercial collection provider.  The fee and service payment shall be arranged between the customer and the collection provider.  The County's Licensing and Revenue Division will collect from the collection provider a quarterly regulatory fee of $4.80 for each commercial customer served in the preceding period.  Proceeds from regulatory fees are used to defray the cost to the County of monitoring and enforcing ordinance compliance, and for meeting requirements dictated by state law, including studying and implementing plans and methods for the handling and reduction of solid waste generated within the County.  The regulatory fee shall be due and payable to the County at the time of submission of the quarterly reports as described in the Ordinance.