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Gwinnett Transit Advisory Board

The Gwinnett County Transit Advisory Board was established June 6, 2000 by resolution (revised 12/4/2001).  The Board consists of five members.  A quorum is three members and a majority vote shall be necessary for action.

  • Members serve four-year terms that run concurrent with the term of their appointing Commissioner
  • Immediately after their initial appointment, the five GTAB appointment members shall meet, organize, and elect one of the members as Chairman and such other officers as they may deem necessary 
  • Thereafter, all officers shall be elected at the first meeting in each calendar year.  If a vacancy in membership shall occur for any reason, a new member shall be elected and shall be nominated using the same nomination and election process employed for original appointments
  • Members shall be entitled to reimbursement for any actual, reasonable and necessary expenses incurred on Board business and approved by the Commissioners

Notices, Agendas, and Minutes